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Spring Delayed

early morning shadow on snow
Photo of my shadow on a snowy field in town

[BLOG POST 318/24] Last week I wrote about finding signs of spring but I was a little hasty as a snow storm moved in this weekend leaving several inches of heavy, wet, snow. It is melting fast and leaving behind much needed moisture which will encourage more spring growth but for a few days it didn't feel much like spring!

As I thought about the swing from warm sunny weather to heavy wet snowflakes and back again I realized there is a life lesson here.

Transitioning from one season to another takes time and is not seamless. There are steps forward and steps backward. There are storms and calm days. Eventually you get through to the next season where things stabilize for a little while before transitioning again. It is all part of the normal, natural, rhythm of life.

Just be patient.

And look for the gifts along the way:

  • Cold weather brings appreciation for warm weather.

  • Beauty is everywhere when you take time to look, especially in the shape of a snowflake.

  • The smell of wet earth as snow melts conjures childhood memories.

  • Mud brings a break from dust blowing in the wind.

What other gifts can you think of dear reader?

I am working on applying that same lesson of patience to the art world too. As I move from one learning experience to the next I am encounter both storms and successes. The key that I need to remember is to be patient and look for the gifts along the way.

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