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Pastel painting

Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Framed, 17" x 20"
$3,000 + taxes and s/h


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"Menopause" was selected for the juried 24th Annual MasterWorks of New Mexico Art Show in 2022.

And for the invitational Dona Ana Arts Council's "Unfinished Business: Women's Power of Persistence A Group Show" in Las Cruses, NM in 2023.

Additionally selected for the juried 2023 New Mexico Painter's Exhibition at New Mexico Highlands University's Kennedy Gallery.

And selected for the "Women in Art: 2024" online show by Las Lagunas Art Gallery in Las Lagunas, CA. 

In 2020 along with a global pandemic and moving to a new city, I was also entering menopause. Every woman's experience is unique but there are some universal feelings and that's what I was trying to capture here.

Menopause is a female experience so I chose some very feminine lace as the background. The foreground, however, is full of prickly things including cacti and barbed wire. The overall composition is a little overwhelming and confusing which is also part of the change of life. And the horseshoe, well it represents hope that the experience won't last forever!

Of all the elements the lace was the most challenging and rewarding to finally capture. But somehow I am drawn to the tall cactus on the left the most.

"Menopause" was selected for display in the 24th Annual MasterWorks of New Mexico Art Show March 26th-April 16th, 2022 at the EXPO NM, Hispanic Arts Building in Albuquerque.

And it was selected for the invitational group show "Unfinished Business: Women's Power of Persistence" in Las Cruses, NM the month of  March, 2032.

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