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Sleeping Peppers – SOLD

Pastel painting

"Sleeping Peppers"
Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Framed, 15.5" x 17.25"

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In 2020 we relocated to New Mexico from Washington state. As we are getting to know our new home I venture into thrift stores, antique stores, and street side vendors looking for items that catch my artist's eye.

All the items in this painting are local: The "Sleeping Mexican" was in an antique sore reminded me of some bookends my grandmother owned. The ristra came from a street side vendor--I turned it upside down so it would look more like a flower. The textured background is a hand-hammered platter from a thrift store and the brick and dirt came from our backyard. 


The painting was challenging as it has a variety of textures.

When I set this composition up I wasn't sure of "why" it called to me. But I continued to work on it trusting that the meaning would become apparent. Now I know, we let go of our watery life in the Pacific NorthWest and this painting represents embracing our new home in the high desert of New Mexico.

"Sleeping Peppers" was selected for the juried "Local Color" show during the summer of 2021 at Gallery 140, Las Vegas Arts Council, 140 Bridge St, Las Vegas, NM. 

NOTE: In March 2022 I visited the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe and saw an exhibit by Judith F. Baca titled "Primero de Mayo, "Big Pancho" and it changed my understanding of the small figurine in my painting. Now I know the figurine is a negative Mexican stereotype and I both regret not researching it beforehand and regret including it in my painting. I apologize if I made any viewer uncomfortable and I will be more diligent researching items going forward. Please email me if you have any questions.

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