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Lucy Finch in her studio
Lucy Finch

I am a classical realism artist working in soft pastel. All of my still lives are from real life--I do not use photographs. Instead I set up exactly what I want to paint in my black-box studio and use classic techniques, like the sight-size method and a black mirror, to create a unique art piece as "like" the original as possible. I learned my technique from the exceptionally talented storyteller artist Nancy Lucas-Williams at The Masters' Atelier, Port Townsend, WA. Not only did I learn how to see, but also the necessity of self expression in art. Each of my pieces comes from an important moment in my life and it is my hope that the viewer--you--feels something when viewing my artwork.

M.O.S. Studio stands for My Own Space--every artist needs their own space to contemplate and create and I'm thrilled to finally have my own.

M.O.S. Studio Classical Realism

Las Vegas, NM 87701

Fill out this form to say "HI", to request a commission, or inquire on pricing for one of my paintings. 

Thanks for contacting me!

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