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SPRING is springing!

Sign of Spring!

[BLOG POST 3/13/24] Lately the weather has been delightful – warm and sunny and not too much wind. Taking the dog for a walk has been the highlight of the day. And I've been thrilled to see small signs that spring is on the way like the small blade of green grass in the photo above.

Even though I'm tempted to be outside all day I have been working in the studio every day and making progress on my latest painting tentatively titled "The Girl Became the Moon". For the set up I found a LED moon and as I start to work on refining it I'm really seeing how complex the surface of the moon truly is.

That act of slowing down and really looking at something is one of the biggest gifts that comes with making realistic art. You have to stop thinking and carefully observe the object closely. In the process you learn about it, learn how light interacts with it, and see it for all its beauty and complexity.

But when I stop to see as much as I can it also can be overwhelming, after all even a blade of grass is a world into itself and when you really stop to appreciate it you can get lost.

Which is why taking a break, getting outside and watching a dog be a dog is such a treat.

Dogs follow their noses, run every which way, explore, chase birds (at least our dog does), and are totally in the moment. It reminds me to enjoy the moment too.

a dog running
Fennel chasing a bird

Anyway dear reader, I wanted to share some of that joy so here is a short video of our local "grand canyon" from a recent dog walk. I hope you enjoy it.

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