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Mental Health

Pastel painting

"Mental Health"

Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Framed 14" x 18"

$3,000 + taxes and s/h

Buy the ORIGINAL PAINTING or a PRINT on the SHOP page!

"Mental Health" was selected for exhibition in the juried 30th Annual National Pastel Painting Exhibition at the Millicent Rodgers Museum in Taos, NM in 2022.

And it was selected for the juried 2023 New Mexico Painter's Exhibition at New Mexico Highlands University's Kennedy Gallery.

This painting was inspired by the mental health work I’ve done with the guidance of the exceptionally gifted healer, teacher, and guide Jolina Karen.


Among other things, she promotes seeing ourselves from seven perspectives to better understand our relationships:

(1) Spiritual--sense of connection to something else/purpose

(2) Mental--intellect and creativity

(3) Vocational--work

(4) Financial--money

(5) Familial--relationships with relatives and family-like friends

(6) Social--friends, community members, groups, organizations

(7) Physical--health, vitality, well-being

Initially I had seven mirrors but the composition was too busy so I simplified. To me, the five mirrors I used represent (from left to right):

(1) Social--I have used this compact to check my appearance before going out. 

(2) Mental---A narrow mirror representing how I focus my mind to paint.

(3) Vocational/Financial--This mirror came from a 1950's pick up truck which I imagine was used for work to make money. It also reminded me of my dad who was a hard worker and a great provider.

(4) Familial--My mother and her mother used a mirror like this.

(5) Physical/Spiritual--This hand-decorated mirror took manual labor to create and the materials used were simple and natural reflecting my spiritual beliefs.

The orchid represents our complex and beautiful selves that long to be seen, heard, and understood.

Which mirrors call to you? And what do they represent to you? Which mirror caught your eye at first? And what about now that the symbolism is explained?

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