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"Food As Medicine"

Soft pastel still life painting of healthy food and a stethoscope

"Food As Medicine"
Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board

Unframed 9" x 12"

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"Food as Medicine" was selected for exhibition in the juried 26th Annual MasterWorks of New Mexico show at the Hispanic Arts Gallery of Expo NM in Albuquerque, March 23 -April 14, 2024. 

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”
–Hippocrates, c. 400 BC

Three years ago I was in a rough place, I weighed the most in my life, had a lot of joint pain, and some days just the act of walking was exhausting.


At that time I ate what I thought was a "healthy" version of the typical American diet. In my early 20s I discovered I was allergic to dairy so my diet was free from all dairy products which meant that I made a lot of my own food because almost every processed food has some form of dairy in it. 

But, as I have learned, there is a lot more to a truly healthy diet than avoiding dairy.

My health journey started when I called Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Functional Medicine practitioner Dr Emily Franklin  for a free consultation.


With her support, guidance, and wisdom I made radical changes to my diet. As a result I dropped the extra weight, no longer have any join pain, and some days can walk faster than my 6'4" husband! All without prescription medicine. 


This painting is a celebration of my new diet. Before working with Dr Franklin the veggies in this painting would have been my LAST choice at the grocery store. Now they are among my FIRST!  

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