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Soft pastel portrait of Dre

Introducing Dre--a no nonsense woman who is easy to smile which I found impressive because she is a retired police officer and has seen the best and the worst of what humans do. 

Dre is an animal lover and we met at a fundraiser for the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico. Currently we are both board members and her kindness towards animals along with her willingness to help the AWC in any and every way that she can is heartwarming.

Before painting her portrait I hadn't spent a lot of time looking at her face--she usually wears sweatshirts and baseball caps so her face isn't easily seen. Now, after looking at her intently for a month, I wish she would show her face more readably as I find her to be striking. 

Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Unframed, 9" x 12"

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