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Winter's Gifts

Pastel painting

On a hike one weekend I found a dry animal vertebrae in the dirt and picked it up to put in the studio for further inspiration. As it happened, there in the studio was a feather (from a different outdoor excursion) and a dried plant from the yard sticking out of a jar--all of which had been collected over the past weeks and were also awaiting inspiration. The three of them kept catching my eye until I decided to combine them.

I didn't know it at the time but I was collecting dead items and arranging them into something compelling and beautiful. 

In Oct 2019 my mother passed away and I painted this the winter of 2020. Looking back I think it's clear this painting is about that experience of loss and yet feeling grateful for the bittersweet beauty in sharing in her end of life.

"Winter's Gifts"
Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Framed, 14.75” x 11.75” 
$2,000 + taxes and s/h
For sale at The Corner Art Gallery, on the Plaza in Las Vegas, NM

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