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Regime Change

Pastel painting

"Regime Change"
Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Framed, 16" x 18"
$3,000 + taxes and s/h

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"Regime Change" was accepted into the juried online exhibition "ALL ABOUT WOMEN 2023" by the Marin Society of Artists

The Virtual Gallery is available August 1 - September 30, 2023:

The YouTube version of the Virtual Gallery will be available after September 30, 2023.

This painting uses chess pieces to explore one possible future where women of color rise to lead as the system of institutionalized white male privilege is toppled.


It is full of symbolism starting with the meaning of the flowers chosen in relation to the white king:

Orange Lilies:  Where as they carry both good and bad meanings, most people believe that these flowers represent feelings of hatred, pride and contempt.

Yellow Carnations: carry the meaning of disdain and rejection.

Purple Petunias: display feelings of deep resentment and anger.


The symbolism continues with the color of back ground (purple for creativity), and, of course, the use of specific chess pieces which themselves have a long symbolic history. I encourage you to research the game of chess, specifically look into when and why queens were introduced to the game and which color always goes first. 


Overall, this painting was inspired by my own life experiences of rape and being silenced through intimidation by white men in my family. It was also inspired by a story of abduction, abuse, and dehumanizing humiliation that a co-worker experienced as a teen. 

The real message of this painting though is about our future--who is rising as we slowly dismantle the white male patriarchy? I see the future best held in the hands of minority females as they have a unique perspective on the issues we face and have tremendous experience with creative problem solving. 

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