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Three Wishes – SOLD

Pastel painting

At the time of this painting a dear friend had died unexpectedly. She was a member of my beloved Colorado belly dance group, EveryBelly Dancers,  so I set up the composition to be dark, dramatic, and exotic with lots of beautiful folds in the cloth. The whole time I was painting it I was thinking about how much I missed my friend. 


I enjoyed the shiny surface of the tea pot but my favorite part was figuring out all the folds and shadows in the cloth. 


I named this one "Three Wishes" after the genie in a bottle story. My three wishes would be that my friend was still alive, that I could see her again, and that we could dance together. 

"Three Wishes"
Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Unframed, 9" x 12"

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