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Behind Lucy Finch’s artwork lies a story. 

It’s a tale of struggle, loss, and redemption. It’s a story that honors passion and speaks of buried truths.  

While Lucy Finch’s works can be appreciated for their simplicity, the underlying and often subtle messages invite a deeper exploration of the powerful and frank voice layered in her work. Simple yet evocative elements and compositions allow the viewer to unpack intimate narratives and connect to Finch’s powerful themes.

Rich in symbolism, Finch’s works explore meaningful questions that speak to the heart of the individual’s place in time and memory, a journey of unflinching honesty that creates a camaraderie between the artist and viewer, confronting cultural gender power structures. Her symbolic messages resonate deeply like an entrenched memory.

At its core, Lucy Finch's body of work reminds us that art fulfills an essential human need for self-understanding and connection. Her paintings invite us to go beneath the surface and rediscover our own reservoirs of creativity, passion, and inner light.

The story begins at what might have been the end, a time when Finch walked away from art, discouraged. But out of the ashes, life arises and creativity triumphs. 

“I was looking for a different education, because what was being taught in the universities wasn’t working for me,” Finch says. 

Our plot unfolds when Finch studied under artist and storyteller Nancy Lucas-Williams at the Maters’ Atelier of Drawing and Painting in Port Townsend, Washington. 

Finch discovered the vehicle for her voice, the rich pigments of soft pastel and its tactile feel.  

Inspired by the Renaissance, Baroque, and Impressionism artists before her, Finch’s work conveys important themes in a timeless quality. Building upon the masterpieces of history, she creates contemporary echoes of an elegant past. 

“As I get older, I feel more connected not only to my own past, but the people who came before us,” Finch says. “I enjoy looking into these corners of history that we don’t talk about every day but created the foundation of the world we live in.” 

By Sean Weaver

Writer, photographer, and adventurer who has a passion for discovering new places, meeting interesting people, and sharing their stories. Currently Sean lives in Tbilisi, Georgia with his wife Corie and their two cats, Sassy and Gremlin. 


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