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How To Talk To Artists

Before I committed to being an artist I was intimidated to talk with artists.

Lately I've discovered other people struggle with talking to artists too

so I wrote, illustrated, and designed an illustrated zine (booklet) with questions

TO ask and questions NOT to ask artists.


Enjoy this online version or email me to purchase an autographed

printed version snail mailed to you for $5.
I accept PayPal, VENMO, cash, and checks. 

Zine_Talk to Artists_Front Cover_FINAL.jpg
Zine_Talk to Artists_READ pg 2-3.jpg
Zine_Talk to Artists_READ_Pg4-5.jpg
Zine_Talk to Artists_READ_pg 6-7.jpg
Zine_Talk to Artists_READ_pg8-9.jpg
Zine_Talk to Artists_READ_Pg10-11.jpg
Zine_Talk to Artists_READ_Back Cover_pg12.jpg
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