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Soft pastel portrait

Today Evelyn is an avid football fan watching games almost every day of the week during football season, but before she had a long career as a social worker. In her job she bore witness to some difficult circumstances and was also was caught up in some unhealthy relationships. Through it all she held onto her sense of self and her sense of humor and she learned how to stand up for herself even when it meant making difficult decisions.

I found Evelyn to be delightful--she is thoughtful, funny, pragmatic, and vibrant! She finds the best in life on a daily basis enjoying music, family, friends, and spending time with her boyfriend. 

Her mother was from Basque country in Spain and her dad was born and raised near Madrid, Spain. On their own their families immigrated to New Mexico and settled just north of Las Vegas in the small town of Wagon Mound. There they met and fell in love. 

To date this is the only portrait I've completed where I chose to have the expression be happy because I was so impressed at Evelyn's ability to roll with life's surprises into her 7th decade. 

Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Unframed, 9" x 12"

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