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Laureen-Med Res.jpg

Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Unframed, 9" x 12"

Meet Laureen--an accomplished bi-lingual educator and a survivor of childhood trauma. She was born in the small town of Santa Rosa, and raised by her paternal grandparents until age five. She then went to live with her parents in Espanola, and eventually moved to Las Vegas when she was eight years old. 


Her father and his sisters were very important throughout her life as she moved around New Mexico teaching and then eventually moving into school administration roles. No matter where she worked, Las Vegas was always in the background as her family lived in this area and now she does too. 


Laureen is eternally grateful for the strong and caring women in her life including her grandmother and aunts. These women played a vital role in helping shape the mother/grandmother that she would eventually become.


When it comes to previous relationships, Laureen prefers to see them as teachable moments/seasons. In her own words, "Never give up on what you are looking for, and what you feel you deserve. Have time you will find your prince charming."

Now happily married, she lives a busy life homeschooling her grandson, helping her husband run his business, and taking care of her elders. She has learned that self care is important too and carves out personal time every morning to apply her flawless makeup. In fact, Laureen is 2 years older than me but she looks much younger than I do! 


I am very grateful that she reached out to me to be a part of the "Rattlesnake" portrait project after reading about it in the local newspaper, the Optic. Getting to know her has been a true gift.

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