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Heart and Soul – NFS

Pastel painting

From 2016-2020 my husband and I lived on a sailboat in the Pacific Northwest. The decision to sell the boat and move back to land was difficult. For me, more than the loss of the boat itself, I was hit with the realization that we may never see that part of the world again and my heart broke. 


The Pacific Northwest is a unique place full of history, culture, stunning scenery and interesting characters. I am going to miss all the good parts. However, I won't miss the bad parts like rain, rain and more rain. Or the stress of provisioning for 2 or more weeks at a time. Or living in dirty clothes for weeks. 


Still, overall the idea of never going back to that extraordinary place was painful and led to this painting. 


Years ago Rob gave me a mug with Pacific Northwest art painted inside. For this composition, I propped it up and then staged red cloth spilling out representing my heart and soul pouring out of the Pacific Northwest. 


It came together really quickly and easily. And the whole time I was painting it I was remembering all the good times. 


By the time I finished I felt better about selling the boat and leaving that world behind, but when I look at my painting now I still can feel the ache in my heart.

"Heart and Soul"
Soft Pastel on Sennelier pastel board
Framed, 13" x 16"
NFS/Personal Collection

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