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Seeing Art Live with Friends!

[BLOG POST 11/19/23] This weekend we went to Albuquerque, NM with friends Tina and Alex to see an art exhibit at 516 ARTS, a non-collecting contemporary art museum. The exhibit is called "Fluid Gaze" featuring the work of 13 artists from various creative practices and 2SLGBTQIA+ identities, presenting Indigenous, non-Indigenous, and Latinx perspectives.

"At a time when drag show bans and anti-trans legislation are sweeping the United States, Fluid Gaze responds to today's social climate by addressing the subtleties of gender expression through contemporary artistic practices. In these works, fluidity functions as metaphor, conveyed through a variety of mediums and range of material culture—including textiles, beaded garments, earthen materials, scrimshaw, virtual reality, and performance."

We spent about an hour in the museum lingering in front of each piece absorbing it, reacting to it, reading about it, and talking about it.

What a GREAT way to spend an afternoon, spend time with friends, and spend time appreciating art and artists.

Afterwards we each chose our favorite piece and discussed why we liked it. We each chose a different work but agreed that all the artwork was interesting and thought provoking. I found it fascinating to learn more about my husband and my friends in this way.

Personally my favorite was a collection of layers of thin, white paper which the artist had burned parts of leaving dark edges and unusual shapes. It's hard to describe but it was delicate and beautiful. In it I saw the fragility of life in juxtaposition with its unpredictability. I wish I had remembered to write down the name of the artist.

I encourage you to go see art live with friends too! My guess is that you will have a really good time. 😊

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