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Updated: Sep 10, 2023

I made an online shop!!!

My original paintings (framed or unframed), archival quality fine prints, and notecards are all now available to purchase on my website.

It took quite a while for me to figure out how I wanted to provide this option--I tried an app, a third party plug-in to my website, and more before landing on the K.I.S.S. option--Keep It Simple Stupid! 😉

To purchase interested parties just need to email me at to determine the best option, shipping costs, and payment.


This may not seem like a "big deal" but to me it was a BIG step because it means taking on the responsibility of selling my artwork instead of relying on a gallery. And it required many hours figuring out the layout/design of the shopping pages.

Overall the biggest lesson I've learned in the business of art is that you, the artist, must pursue every avenue until you find what works. There is no "straight line" or "magic bullet"--every artist has their own path and it is each artist's responsibility to make "it" happen (whatever "it" is).

So I'm trying out selling artwork through my website. I also put a link and post on my Instagram page. And I'm grateful that several of my paintings have been accepted into online shows with a wider audience:

"Better Together" was accepted into the intimate online exhibition "Everything's Coming Up Roses" by Pretty Girls Making Cool Shit. The Virtual Gallery available August 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023:


"Regime Change" is in the juried online exhibition "ALL ABOUT WOMEN 2023"

by the Marin Society of Artists. Check out the Virtual Gallery youtube video:

Plus I still have several paintings at The Corner Art Gallery on the historic Plaza in Las Vegas, NM.

Additionally I always have my eyes out for other opportunities too, including meeting more artists and collectors through events and organizations.

A photographer friend shared advice he received early in his career which I think is excellent:

Stick around long enough to where people take you seriously.

He added:

Have a lot of fun along the way.

So here is to commitment!

And here is to FUN!

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