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The Opposite of a "Still Life"!

This month I lined up a LIVE model to sit for me so that I can paint a portrait from real life. It's the first time I've worked with a live person since I studied with Nancy Lucas Williams at The Master's Atelier of Drawing and Painting in Port Townsend, WA way back in 2019.

While studying Nancy managed the models and my sole job was to draw. Now I'm learning how to balance the model's needs while focusing on painting. Sometimes it's really hard--I get into talking with her and forget to paint or vice versa. Thankfully the model is patient and seems to be enjoying the process.

In my opinion, the hardest part of capturing a human is that even when we sit still we are constantly moving--with every breath the position changes just a little. So you have to really engage your mind and your memory to select a moment and capture how the left eye, or right mouth corner, or hair position before moving on. The end is an amalgamation of everything you see over time. Fun! And challenging! Which is why I love it. ❤️

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