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The Millicent Rogers Museum!

Millicent Rogers (1902-1953) grew up in New York within privilege and wealth and she was often referred to in the press as the “Standard Oil Heiress,” because her grandfather, H.H. Rogers was the co-founder with John D. Rockefeller of the Standard Oil Trust.

Rogers’ life included the things one would expect--travel, homes, marriage, and children. But she was also distinctive in her looks and her fashionable style, which resulted in popularity with photographers, clothing designers, and fashion magazines.

Millicent Rogers collected jewelry, textiles, and baskets because she was an artist herself she responded to and appreciated beauty that can be found in the objects of devotion, utility, and adornment that are unique to the Southwest.

Rogers came to Taos in 1947 with a heart broken by Clark Gable, and physically weakened by rheumatic fever as a child. She was very passionate about both the Hispanic and Native American communities in New Mexico and played a quiet but instrumental role in securing Blue Lake for Taos Pueblo. While her tenure in Taos was brief, just a few short years, her impact on the community was tremendous. Today, that legacy remains in the museum that bears her name.

I'm so pleased that my painting, "Mental Health" was selected for the show. Yesterday Rob and I drove to Taos to see my painting hanging in the museum and it made my heart glow.

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