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The Humble Egg

Left: Lucy in 2021, Right: Lucy in 2022

For the past year I've been working with a nutritionist in Santa Fe named Dr. Emily Franklin and it has changed my life. When we started I felt lethargic and actually had to mentally tell my feet to move when I wanted to walk. Overall I felt miserable with aches and pains and no energy but I wasn't "sick" so there wasn't much to be done.

That is until I met Dr. Emily.

She helped me understand my health in a new way and change my gut so that now I not only eat different food but crave non-carb and non-sugar food. It's been a long road with stumbles and set backs but now I wake up energized and ready to GO every morning. All my aches and pains are gone and I feel 10 years younger. I've also lost about 30 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes.

Recently I asked her what she thinks is the perfect food and without hesitation she said the egg so I decided to make a painting celebrating the egg.

My husband and I went to a flea market looking for egg cups and came back with a variety of bud vases that looked like they would hold an egg. We were right and they all worked!

After trying out a lot of different still life set ups I finally came up with something that worked. I've just started and have a long way to go but I really like the composition and the meaning.

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