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Meet our RV which I dubbed "Casita Arctica"(it's an "Arctic Fox" brand).

The photo above was taken on our shake down trip to Las Cruses earlier this year. Afterwards we installed solar panels and increased its water tank so we can camp off the grid. We plan to take it out and about the West for a little rest and relaxation this summer.

It also has enough room for my art supplies and I plan on continuing my plein air pastel experiments and watercolor sketches.

From past experience I know that I can struggle to carve out time to make art while I'm traveling. I end up devoting all my time to route planning, provisioning, setting up / breaking down camp, and doing activities that art easily falls to the wayside.

But I pledge to you reader that I'm going to make a concentrated effort to make art this time!

However, I plan on taking a break from blogging weekly. I will post sporadically as internet access and art newsworthy tidbits allow. And I will post mini-updates on my Instagram account so please follow me there. 😊

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