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Bonbons and Champagne!

Maybe you think that artists lounge around all day waiting for inspiration while they eat bonbons and drink champagne. Then, once inspiration hits, they work feverishly for a few hours making a masterpiece. Afterwards they are exhausted they return to their bonbons and champagne.

I wish.

And maybe it is for some artists.

However, for me, making art is a daily practice full of discipline, work, disappointment, triumph, and joy when a painting is finished.

Here is a glimpse into a day in my life:

Wake up at daybreak to walk the dog--this may be the only time I'm in fresh air and sunshine. After breakfast I go in the studio, usually sometime between 8am and 9am. I work until lunch which, if things are going poorly, is as early as 11:30am or as late as 1:30pm if I'm on a roll.

After lunch during the summer it's too hot to go back to the studio (which is a black box without windows or AC) so I focus on the business side of art.

I research upcoming shows, find open calls for art, and fill out submission forms to submit paintings. I network with other artists via email or social media. I post on my own social media. I write for my blog, collect stories for my newsletter, update my website, and track finances. Read up on events, organizations, art supplies, and grants. Read books and magazines about art. And at least once a week I attend a zoom meeting related to the art industry.

That's how I heard about residency programs--on a zoom call. There are organizations who pay artists to come and make art at their location. I've been very curious about this opportunity and recently saw a promotion for one at Fort Union National Monument near Wagon Mound, NM.

It's about 30 minutes away and if I get it I think it would be a good way to "cut my teeth" on a residency. A good friend is helping me polish the application so I can have the best chance at this competitive program.

But back to a day in the life: after all the business stuff then it's time for dinner where I discuss the day with Rob, and relax. If I'm lucky we eat outside or walk the dog together. But if I'm not lucky, well I won't see sunshine again until the next morning.

No bonbons and/or champagne for me. 😊

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