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Artists Out and About!

Last week 14 artists and art lovers from Las Vegas took a field trip to Santa Fe where we toured the New Mexico Governor's mansion art collection. We were an eclectic group brought together by our love of art and curiosity about the curated artwork in the governor's residence.

The tour lasted about 1 1/2 hours but we could have easily stayed longer. Not only was the artwork varied and beautiful but the docent told fascinating stories behind each piece as well as the furniture and the architecture of the building.

Docent Doug talking about the Georgia O'Keefe painting and table.

By the end of the tour everyone had learned something and we were able to see how art is integral to history. Each piece reflected its time and was relevant to understanding what was important at that moment.

Looking at our own art I think we realized that WE are doing that right now! It was very exciting and everyone left the tour buzzing.

Wherever you live I encourage you to GO SEE ART LIVE and learn about the time that it was created. Context and story enrich art!

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