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A CHAIR-ity Chair--Part 1

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The New Mexico Highlands University alumni association is having an unique FUN-draiser where local artists and students pick up a donated chair and paint it. Then the chairs are auctioned off on March 18th. FUN!

I missed the original pick-up date in January but thanks to a friend who connected me with the woman organizing the event I was able to pick out my chair yesterday. There were a lot to choose from: a rocking chair, vinyl chairs, and upholstered chairs but not very many wooden chairs which is what I wanted. Thankfully this wooden swivel chair was there and I snatched it without a second thought.

Last year around this same time my husband and I were volunteering at the local animal shelter where we saw an old horse buggy in the city's transportation department's garage. It was painted turquoise and decorated with delicate hand painted designs (below). My plan for my chair is to use these beautiful paintings as inspiration for painting the chair in a colorful and uniquely Northern New Mexico inspired way.

The deadline to drop off the completed chair is February 25th which isn't far away! Good thing I already have an idea. Now I just need the time! :) Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks to see my completed CHAIR-ity creation.

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