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With My Heart in My Hand....

I have an agreement with a local gallery, The Corner Art Gallery, to show and sell my paintings! Three more are in the process of being framed (hopefully they be ready next week) and when finished they will also go to the gallery.

Over the past 16 months I've completed 11 still life paintings so this show will utilize over half of my inventory. To say I have been feeling conflicted is an understatement.

Whereas I'm thrilled that a gallery wants to show my work, I'm also heartbroken to let go of these paintings because they represent significant chapters in my life. If they sell I will never see them again (I have good photos but that's not the same thing) but if they don't sell, well that means something too.

So yeah, I'm feeling conflicted.

But I put my heart in my hand and walked into the gallery with these three paintings today. The gallery staff was very kind and involved me in creating the display. I think it looks nice and will look even better when the other 3 paintings are added soon.

No matter what happens next I feel good about taking this step. I have a lot to learn as I launch my art career and this is a solid step in the right direction.

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