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Studio Tour Prep

This weekend 28 members of the New Mexico Women in the Arts have signed up for their first Las Vegas studio tour and I'm included! It's always fun and exciting to share your art work with art lovers and I'm really looking forward to the event. Of course, a lot has to happen before now and the tour!

  1. Clean and organize my studio

  2. Practice what I want to say

  3. Make prints of popular paintings to sell (pictured above) BTW: You too can buy prints! Just email me at

  4. Gather promotional materials (business cards, my Zine, Venmo/PayPal QR codes)

  5. Plan and make refreshments--all from scratch because I like to cook/bake 😉 Spiced Citrus Ice Tea (my mom's recipe) Meringue Nut Cookies Lemon "Meltaway" Cookies Caramelized Oranges Fresh Whipped Cream with fresh berries

  6. Clean the house inside and outside

  7. Curate a playlist for background ambiance

  8. Put signs out so the visitors know they are in the right place

Oh! And, of course, continue to paint and do daily life tasks!

It feels like a lot to manage--thankfully I'll have help cleaning the house from my husband. I've also made a schedule to break the big list into daily tasks and, thanks to years of experience, I've learned to build in plenty of rest and down time so that when the day arrives I'm not exhausted.

To me it's important that not only the visitors feel welcome and valued but that I feel calm and confident. And, that when it's all over, everyone goes home smiling and full of love for art and artists.

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