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"Menopause" at MasterWorks NM Show

This past weekend the MasterWorks of NM exhibit opened and I was thrilled that my soft pastel painting "Menopause" was included. The show is free and will be open to the public until April 16th. On display are oil, acrylic, water color and pastel paintings of every subject matter. It's a great show and I highly recommend checking it out if you are in Albuquerque.

It's located in the Hispanic Arts Building in the EXPO NM located at 300 San Pedro Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.

I had never been there before and was impressed at the scale of the grounds. The best way to find the Hispanic Arts Building is to go to San Pedro Blvd and Copper NE. Enter at Gate #3.

Here is a link to a map of the grounds:

"Funny" story...before we went to the opening we had lunch in Santa Fe and were seated at a community table. While there we ended up having a nice conversation with a couple visiting from Philadelphia. At some point we each shared what we do and when I said I was an artist they asked to see a photo of my work. I decided to show them "Menopause" but didn't tell them the title. They looked at the photo on my phone, liked it, and asked what it was called. That's when I told them and their reactions were classic: The woman laughed and the man looked mortified. He actually recoiled.

After lunch the couple was getting ready to leave. The man had recovered his composure and wished me luck but said, "you need to work on better titles".

I resisted the urge to kick him under the table.

But honestly, I wish we'd had more time to talk about his perspective and for me to share more of mine with him. Menopause is a complex experience, unique to each woman, and not to be feared or despised.

In the end, this interaction reinforced my desire for my art be both beautiful and thought provoking. I truly hope my art creates opportunities for healthy discussions. Feel free to contact me if you want to have a conversation--my only ground rule is that both parties must listen as well as talk.

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