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Back in the Saddle Again! YAY!

Thanks to the USFS firefighter's phenomenal work, the Hermit's Peak / Calf Canyon fire did not burn the city of Las Vegas, NM. For a week or more we lived with one foot out the door incase we needed to evacuate but over the last few days it has become clear that the danger has passed us. The relief was palpable and we have started to unpack.

Putting all my pastel supplies back in my studio made me extremely happy! Unpacking the pastels was like seeing old friends again. I even did a little happy dance. :-)

Already I've put together a new still life...this one is tentative titled "Better Together" and is inspired by how so many people from different walks of life all over the USA came together to fight the wildfire and care for the many effected communities. The fire is still burning north and south of us and threatening more towns so the suffering continues. But if the outpouring of kindness continues I think we will be OK.

Here is a black and white photo of my next composition. I do them along with black and white sketches to check the values and make sure the lightest lights and the darkest darks are balanced. You'll have to stay tuned to find out what the colors are. :)

I'm very grateful for two friends who let me borrow the blanket and the necklace.

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