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A Zoomy Studio Tour

Earlier this year I joined an organization dedicated to helping artist find success. It's called the PRAXIS Center for Aesthetic Studies. They offer everything from classes about how to write an artist statement to contact information for collectors and galleries to practice Zoom studio tours in preparation for collectors and galleries.

Seeing an artist's studio and hearing them talk about their work is really fun but hard to do in person during a pandemic. Thankfully we have Zoom!

Last week I had a practice Zoom studio tour and after figuring out a few tech issues, it went really well. I was the 2nd artist to present (out of 4) and the audience was full of artists from around the world, all from different walks of life, and each of whom work in different mediums. In the photo below you'll see the moderator on the call--the head of PRAXIS Center--Brainard Cary.

After each artist presented their work and their studio space, Brainard and the other artists provided feedback. Since my work is hanging in the Corner Art Gallery I showed a slideshow. Afterwards I got some constructive criticism on the slideshow and below is a link to the NEW and IMPROVED slide show.

Click on the photo below:

Note: I didn't include any music so feel free to crank up whatever you are listening to and enjoy. It's a short video, about 2 minutes. :)

If YOU have any feedback and/or if you'd like a Zoom studio tour, let me know!

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