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In Person Studio Tours are Back!

This past weekend the Contemporary Art Society of New Mexico visited several artists in/around Las Vegas. Their mission is, "to increase interest, understanding and involvement in contemporary art by encouraging individual collecting, sponsoring educational activities, and supporting New Mexico's artists and art institutions."

I was included purely by happy accident.

My art neighbor Ellen Koment and her partner Mario Quilles were supposed to be included in the tour but declined as fall cold/flu/covid numbers started going up. Ellen suggested CAS of NM visit me instead. The organizer took a look at my online presence and then reached out to ask if the 16 people who had signed up could visit.

I think it took me all of a hot second to respond with a resounding, "YES!"

Because my studio is too small to fit 16 people at once I spent a lot of time making hors d'oeuvres to entertain whomever was waiting their turn. I also spent a lot of time cleaning the house--and it was all worth it!

The day of the tour 11 CAS members arrived (5 had to leave early) and we had a GREAT time! They were all art enthusiasts and super friendly. They listened attentively as I described my process and asked excellent questions.

The question I heard the most was, "what makes you interested in doing this type of art?"

My answer was because I never thought I could and now that I know I can, I don't want to do anything else! :)

Meanwhile Rob gave house tours to anyone not in the studio and Ellen came over to entertain people and explain about her encaustic painting. All together we made up the dream team!

If you'd like an in-person OR zoom studio tour you can book it by either emailing me at or by clicking HERE.

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