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Go See Art Live! (It's always worth it!)

Yesterday I attended a New Mexico Women in the Arts private, members-only artist exhibition and reception at the Turner Carroll [CONTAINER] gallery in Santa Fe for Mokha Laget's show "Perceptualism!".

I had signed up a month earlier and on the day itself I was feeling unmotivated to drive an hour each direction on a beautiful and sunny spring afternoon. The hammock was calling! But I put on a nice dress, heels, makeup and fixed my hair then piled into the car and started driving.


Over the past year I've become really fond of the New Mexico Women in the Arts organization and have started to get to know some of the members. They are all interesting and vibrant women dedicated to the arts. Being around them lifted my spirits and affirmed my artist's life.

To be completely honest, some days I wonder what the heck I'm doing in my black box studio painting highly personal still lives. Who is going to see them? Will I die an old lady surrounded by my paintings? Does it matter to make them at all?

The people that love and support me are not always art lovers and so I sometimes feel very alone and isolated in my pursuit of my art. It's as if I have to believe in myself not only for me but for them as well.

Recently I heard an interview with the 80 year old Chilean writer Isabel Allende on the podcast Wiser Than Me™ with Julia Louis-Dreyfus where she said her own mother didn't approve her writing until she became famous. She laughs about it now but I imagine back she she was starting out it probably hurt to not have her mother's support. That lack of belief by someone so close to you is difficult to bear and I can relate.

So going to this artist reception and being surrounded by women who are excited about art was invigorating!



I didn't want to leave.

In fact I hung around for 30 minutes after the event was over just soaking it all in.

The featured artist, Mokha Laget was fascinating. She grew up in North Africa and now lives outside of Santa Fe which, as it turns out, is on the same latitude. Additionally she says both locations share a similar light and color which is reflected in her geometric abstraction paintings.

Immediately I liked her and talked to her for some time afterwards. She was thoughtful, funny, and warm. Her artwork is completely opposite from mine but after hearing her talk about her process, her inspiration, her passion I came to deeply appreciate her art.

And the building is unique! It's made up of several containers stacked and feels very modern/upcycled. Recently it was purchased by the highly respected Turner Carroll Gallery and turned into a museum quality gallery space. It was the perfect place to display Mokha's artwork and listen to her presentation.

I encourage you reader to GO SEE ART IN PERSON (not on your phone) and TALK WITH ARTISTS about their work. The context they provide will completely change how you see their work.

Oh! And it's fun too! 😊

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