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Top 10 Ways Art Improves My Life

Color photo of an artists' oil paint pallet

[BLOG POST 6/24/24] This June I've been blessed to see a lot of truly wonderful art up close and in person. As I reflect back on all I've seen I realize how art has improved my life and thought I'd share my top 10.

10. Delight

Regardless of what the piece of artwork is, I find delight in seeing it, interacting with it, and thinking about how/why it was made and who the artist was. It's a glimpse into a different world and always leaves me feeling curious and happy.

9. New Perspectives

Every piece of artwork is made from a unique point of view. When I slow down and consider the artist, their life, their struggles, and their joys I can step out of my own point of view. Being able to see the world from a different perspective is paramount to understanding one another and having empathy for different life paths. Art provides me with that opportunity.

8. Educational

I learn something from every piece of artwork I study. Everything from technique to composition to framing. And that's just about how the artwork was made and displayed! I also learn about the image and what inspired it and about the artist's life. Layers of information are available in each artwork.

7. History

Artwork bears the stamp of when it was made. The objects depicted are there for a reason and often don't exist across time so an artwork is sort-of like a time capsule. When you learn about the piece you learn about why and when it was made which often provides a lot of information about our history.

6. Creates Memories

When I think back on artwork that made me stop in my tracks I can remember that moment with great clarity. Everything from the weather to how I was feeling and how the artwork impacted me. These art moments are like milestones in my life that help me remember places, events, and who I was at that time. As I age I hope they also keep me company and bring back joy.

5. Brings People Together

Going to see art live and in person more than likely means there are other people there too. Sometimes I go to an exhibit with friends and in discussing the art we learn more about one another. And sometimes I go alone and strike up a conversation with someone new. In both situations the artwork as brought me into contact with another person who also appreciates art and together we get to share a special moment.

4. Inspires Thinking

After I leave an exhibit I take a moment to ask which artwork sticks in my mind. There is always at least one and oftentimes it's because it challenged me in some way. Maybe it made me uncomfortable with the subject matter or maybe it made me want to talk to someone about what it meant or maybe it makes me want to look up more about the artist or the time period in which it was made. Regardless I love it when art stays with me after the exhibit.

3. Beauty Elevates

Seeing beautiful items can make my day, month, year, and life better. Beauty can even ease any burdens I carry. Dear reader I'm a firm believer that beauty is a worthwhile subject matter in its own right.

2. Travel

There is so much art in the world and you have to leave your home to see it. This can mean walking down the street to your local art gallery or getting on a plane to travel long distances to see something special. No matter how far you go the gift is in the going. I'm also a firm believer that travel opens your mind and is rewarding on more levels than I can count.

1 Inspiration

Seeing the multitude of ways humans express themselves is inspiring! No two pieces of artwork are the same or even similar. Seeing artwork renews my faith in the power of creativity and my love of diversity. It also inspires me to continue to make my own art. ❤️

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