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A First (And Probably Not the Last)

[BLOG POST 12/27/23] This is a first...I have writer's block!

I've started several blog posts but scrap them quickly thereafter.

It's been a busy holiday season and now we are in that in-between time with Christmas just behind and New Year just ahead. I don't know about you but I've been inundated with obligatory and joyless "Season's Greeting" email messages from companies, organizations, and retail stores and over the top ads online and on TV. Plus now there are lots of stories about which famous people died over the past year and I feel societal pressure to to take stock of the year while planning for the next year.


The end result is that I'm feeling overwhelmed.

And I don't know what to write for you dear reader.

I don't want to bore you with yet another "Happy Holidays" message (although I do hope you had a nice holiday season) or go on (an on) about what 2023 looks like in the rear view mirror or what I want to accomplish for 2024.

Instead I want to sleep.

And paint.

And be quiet.

Maybe you do too so I'm going to stop now to give us all a break from expectations, obligations, and responsibilities.

Instead I think I'll take the dog for a walk and enjoy the sound of a winter breeze gently moving leaf-less tree branches while the sun sets just a few seconds later than yesterday.

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