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Sketching Safari!

When we lived on the boat I often would take a "Sketching Safari"--meaning I would go wandering with my travel sketch book and do quick watercolor/ink sketches of whatever caught my eye. In the photo above I'm perched on a rock on Sucia Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Since we've been in New Mexico I haven't gone on any Sketching Safari's–that is until this weekend when I went wandering at the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge and found another great (albeit colder) perch for a sketch.

Making art outside is a time-honored activity called "plein air" painting/drawing. It's full of challenges ranging from finding the right vantage point to weather and insects to changing light and atmospheric conditions. But that's also the fun of it!

I hope to do more sketching safaris in the coming months.

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