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Rattlesnake Portrait #2

Recently I finished my 2nd "Rattlesnake" portrait--the model's name is Tina. I met her when I volunteered for the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, she was the director and over the past year+ we've become good friends.

Being friends made painting this portrait a big challenge. I wanted to capture everything I admire and love about her which is impossible as she is such a dynamic person, but without a lofty goal what is there to strive for, right? :)

It was also a challenge because it took place during a time of great upheaval in Tina's life. Every time she came into the studio to model for me she was a different person. You can see how I struggled to capture her through my progress photos story on Instagram.

Overall I'm pleased with the result and most of all I'm pleased that Tina enjoyed the experience.

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