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Mona Lisa in Space

Welcome to the age of AI art! The image above was created on the website "nightcafe", by typing "Mona Lisa in Space". Within minutes this was generated--for free.

Is it good? Who knows?

is it art? Debatable!

Was it fun? Absolutely!

Right now the art world is buzzing with hot debate over wether or not this type of image should be considered art. That discussion is not going to be resolved here nor am I interested in joining in the fray. All I want to say is that the act of creation is always worthwhile and that there is no way to close Pandora's box once its been opened.

In other words, there is no going backwards. Now that AI images are a part of our lives we may as well enjoy it.

And use it!

For example, I know an artist that uses AI to do quick "sketches" and generate inspiration, then he paints his own creations based on the results.

But, if I'm totally being honest...I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this debate will reignite interest in non-AI art like mine. I work from real life to capture what my very human eyes see and what my very human spirit experiences.

Hopefully there is room in this wide world for every type of art to be enjoyed and celebrated.

In the meantime, if you are interested in making your own AI art check out this list of the top websites (so far) in 2023.

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