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Lucy Finch’s “Still Lives” are anything but still. Vibrating and pulsating, they lure you into their rich and resounding world. They insist that you look at them intently.

Once you’re engaged, you cannot disengage until you’ve reacted. Maybe a shiver, maybe a deep breath, maybe a chuckle of delight. 

The first time I saw the pineapple, it beckoned to me, and I fell under its spell. Now it hangs in my living room. Although my craftsman bungalow has paintings on each and every wall, my pineapple has its own wall. Framed, it measures just 11x15 inches, but it demands my attention when I glance its way. I have to interrupt what I’m doing; however, I’m always rewarded. Isn’t it wonderful to be rewarded by a work of art? In my case, by a prickly, sticky pineapple.


If possible, visit Lucy’s studio or a gallery where she is exhibited so you can see yourself. Yes, see for yourself.

Beth Urech, writer and performer lives in Carlsbad by the Sea in CA with her husband Mark and rescued dog Java. 

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