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A CHAIR-ity Chair--Part 2

I promised to keep you updated on the chair I agreed to paint and donate for the NMHU charity fundraiser on March 18, 2022 and here you go! Before and after photos:

Click on the link below to watch a short video of me showing the back side of the chair and talking about my design and its inspiration:

If you prefer to read about it, then read on!

The design was inspired by the prairies with are just to the east of Las Vegas, NM. The front of the chair's seat represents the delicate colors of a sunrise and the back is painted in bright colors for the bold sunsets on the plains. As the seat rotates you can see the sunset transform into the sunset.

The design on the seat was inspired by the painted designs on that 1800's buggy I mentioned in my earlier blog post. Here is a close up of my design:

Each of the top rugs of the chair is painted to represent the four seasons: Spring (yellow), Summer (green), Fall (orange), and Winter (white). And the bottom four rungs are painted with a rattlesnake because they make the prairie their home too.

If you are in Las Vegas on March 18th be sure to stop by the NMHU Kennedy Gallery to check out all the chairs and bid on one too!

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